The Bard Flip-Flo Catheter Valve is a tap-like device which fits onto the catheter outlet. and provides an alternative to using urinary drainage bags for some catheter users. When the valve is closed, the bladder continues to store urine. When the urge to pass urine occurs, the bladder can be emptied by opening the valve (The valve must be opened to drain the bladder at least every 4 hours). Suitable for users with limited dexterity.

Note: Consultation with a medical professional prior to the purchase or use of this product is recommended. 

Product Features:

  • Has an easy to open lever tap.
  • Helps maintain bladder tone and capacity
  • The Flip-Flo valve can be used with or without a drainage bag.
  • The flushing action from using the Flip-Flo may reduce the risk of getting bladder infections and blockages in the catheter.
  • The Flip-Flo valve can be used to  get the bladder used to holding a volume of urine again before the catheter is to be removed permanently. Ideally it should be used from the beginning of catheterisation to help maintain bladder tone and capacity.)

Note: Catheter valves should be changed every 5-7 days to reduce the chance of infection.

Product Specifications:

  • Pack contains 1 Flip-Flo valve in sealed packaging.

SKU: (345100)

SKU 345100
Brand Bard

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