The Aidapt Bed Rope Ladder can improve the user's independence by helping them to sit up in bed, change position, or get out of bed. It attaches to the legs at the foot of the bed via the cords on the end of the ladder. It reduces the strain on the back and arms.

Product Features:

  • Consists of 4 equally spaced rungs on a rope ladder
  • It is used by grabbing each rung with alternate hands in a step-by-step fashion until the user has  pulled themselves up from a lying to a sitting position.
  • This action can strengthen the stomach and arm muscles of the user.
  • The bed hoist ladder can also be used to assist in transfers from wheelchairs to beds.
  • The plastic ladder rungs give a firm and safe grip.
  • The cord ends tie around the bed legs.
  • Suitable for single or double beds.
  • Must be kept on top of the bed within arms reach when not in use.

Product Specifications:

Maximum User Weight 127kg
Cord Length (to first rung) 2.85m
Distance Between Rungs 200mm (approx)
Rung Diameter 28mm 
Rung Width 190mm
Product Weight 0.286kg


SKU: (vm937)

SKU vm937

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