The Ladies' Classic Cooling Vest (made by Silver Eagle Outfitters) is a classically styled vest that is designed to keep you cool, while being lightweight, non-bulky and comfortable to wear. The vest is activated by soaking it in water. When used wet, the vest provides a cooling effect as the water evaporates. The vest can also be used when dry as an ultra-light insulated windbreaker. It is activated using tap water only and does not require the use of any chemicals, gel or ice packs.

Product Features:

  • The vest can be worn over your regular clothing, under a vented jacket or directly against your skin.
  • Made from non-quilted, three-layer fabric with anti-microbial protection.
  • The outer shell is made of durable DuPont Cordura® fabric.
  • The fill inside the vest contains a mixture of hydrophilic fibres (that absorb water) and hydrophobic fill (that repels water) so that the water-filled fibres are always surrounded with air spaces, providing ideal conditions for the slow evaporation of water.  This evaporation process gives a cooling effect that lasts for hours.
  • The inner liner is coated with Teflon® HT fabric protector to keep the moisture used for activation away from wearer's body and protect the garment against frequent washing and drying cycles.
  • Concealed front zipper, zippered front pockets, water repellant interior pockets.
  • Adjustable two-snap waist strap.
  • A zip-lock activation sack is provided (see package for activation instructions).
  • Machine washable (see package for washing instructions).
  • Line dry or use a tumble drier (must be stored dry).

 Product Specifications:

 Size Chest Width Back Length
XS (30) 30" (76cm)
16.5" (42cm)
S (34) 34" (86.5cm)
19" (48cm)
M (36) 36" (91.5cm) 19.5" (50cm)
L (39) 39" (99cm) 20" (51cm)
XL (42) 42" (107cm) 20.5" (52cm)
2XL (45) 45" (114cm) 21" (54cm)
3XL (49) 49" (124cm)
21" (54cm)
4XL (52) 52" (132cm)
21" (54cm)

Note: Chest width measurements are at the fullest part (around the shoulder blades under the arms) and are the same as the waist measurement. The vest should fit closely but no be too tight.

SKU: (PT2106477281377)

SKU PT2106477281377
Brand Silver Eagle Outfitters

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