The Pelican Stand Up Bed Alarm has a sensor pad that is placed on top of the mattress underneath the bottom bed sheets. The alarm is triggered when the person gets out of bed. This system may be suitable for people who need the assistance of a carer when they are out of bed due to dementia or mobility issues.

Product Features:

  • This system sets off an alarm when the person's weight is no longer detected by the sensor pad. (Note: This product may not work if the user's weight is less than 40kg.)
  • The pad contains a Sensor Sheet that connects to the Alarm Box (Alarm Box with Capacitor type) via a cable.
  • A 5m cable is included (A 10m extension cord is available separately on request).
  • The Stand Up Bed Alarm pad has a sewn vinyl cover with loops on each of the four corners and two ties to secure it in place around the mattress (suitable for single bed size mattresses only).
  • The pad is usually positioned on the mattress so that the hips and shoulders will be on it (This ensures that there will be enough weight on the pad when the person turns in bed or shifts their weight between their hips and their shoulders).
  • The system has a built-in delay of about 0.5 seconds to prevent it from setting off a false alarm when the person is just changing position.
  • The pad can be wiped clean with a mild hospital-grade disinfectant and must be allowed to dry before use or storage.
  • The internal Contact Sheet cannot be cleaned.
  • Replacement internal Contact Sheets are available on request.

Product Specifications:

  • Pad Dimensions: 68cm x 84cm
  • Alarm Box Type: Alarm Box with Capacitor 

SKU: (444b)

SKU 444b

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