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Skil-Care Tri-Foam Bariatric Cushion


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  • The Ski-Care Tri-Foam cushion is designed for maximum comfort and stability for bariatric patients.  The three part design prevents bottoming-out.
  • The top layer of visco-elastic foam provides pressure relief.  It is temperature-sensitive and conforms to your patient to decrease pressure and increase comfort.
  • The middle layer of high-density foam adds comfort and cushioning whilst a firm foundation controls sling-seat hammocking.
  • The Skil-Care cushion is fluid-proof and can be wiped clean.  The low-shear outer cover reduces skin damaging friction.
  • The safety strap keeps cushion securely in place along with the new anti-slip bottom.
  • Choose contoured base for sling-seat chairs or flat base for solid-seat chair.