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Skil-Care Cushion Thin-Line Plus


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  • The Skil-Care Thin-Line Position Plus cushions provide the best pressure relieving characteristics at a reduced height. Ideal for use in wheelchairs allowing patients to be comfortable, able to self-propel themselves and keep their feet at a normal height. It must be understood that when reducing the height of the cushion there is a trade off and these cushions should be limited to lower weight range patients.
  • Four low-profile gel pods provide lateral and forward stability.
  • Water-based gel relieves pressure and cools skin for effective skin protection.
  • Front gel pod controls sliding and side pods reduce leaning.
  • Rear gel pod lowers coccyx pressure.
  • Launderable, low-shear outer cover reduces skin-damaging friction.
  • Incontinence-proof vinyl inner cover wipes clean for easy care.
  • High-density foam adds comfort and stability.
  • New anti-slip bottom provides safety to the user.