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Toilet Seat Raiser with Swing Back Arms - 100kg


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  • The toilet seat raiser with swing back arms is a plastic raised toilet seat with armrests and an adjustable height seat.¬†
  • The attached armrests lift up independently of each other and fits most standard toilets. The armrests are padded for the users comfort.
  • The seat height is adjusted by unscrewing the bars across the front and back of the seat and relocating them in the appropriate slots. ¬†Seat can be angled.
  • The toilet seat raiser replaces existing seat and lid
Width: 530mm
Length: 480mm
Seat Width: 360mm
Seat Depth: 400mm
Armrest Height: 190mm
Width Between Armrests: 430mm
Aperture Width: 230mm
Aperture Depth: 280mm
Weight Capacity: 100kg