The TAAV VaporPRO Steam Vaporizer generates steam, which increases the humidity levels in the room to enable one's respiratory system to remain moist, allowing it to fight off bacteria and viruses. This is especially important in winter when the use of heaters dries out the air. Vapourisers provide some relief from cold, flu, bronchitis, and croup symptoms as well as dry skin, eyes, and throat. Natural steam therapy is suitable for people of all ages, including newborn babies. The VaporPRO uses the latest safety technology.

Product Features:

  • Provides natural steam therapy using ordinary tap water.
  • Can be used with TAAV vapouriser fluids.
  • Made using BPA free plastic.
  • The water reservoir has double wall insulation.
  • The safety double pole cut out switch turns the electrical supply off to the unit when the element assembly is removed from the water reservoir to prevent electric shock.
  • The night light and safety light make the unit easy to find in a dark room and show that the unit is switched on.
  • Has a hard and soft water regulator that controls the steam output (based on the amount of dissolved minerals in the water). This system minimises "spitting", which can occur when hard water is brought to the boil.
  • The steam deflector ensures a regular outflow of steam to reduce the incidence of "spitting".
  • The elements are high grade to increase the lifespan and safety of the unit. 
  • The water level indicator displays the level of water in the reservoir, to avoid over filling.
  • Non-stick base mounted element.
  • Quiet operation.

Safety Note: Please note that this device produces steam that can cause burns. It is not suitable for operation by children or infirm persons. Please take note of all the safety warnings included in the instruction manual.

Product Specifications:
  • Tank Capacity: 4L
  • Operating Duration: 12-14h
  • Product Warranty: 5 years

SKU: (631396)

SKU 631396
Brand TAAV

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